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Rose Geranium + Palma Rosa Bath Salts

Rose Geranium + Palma Rosa Bath Salts

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Wild flowers | Rose Geranium + Palmarosa

A beautifully healing concoction of natural salts and flower petals, infused with pure essential oils to create a calm and soothing bath time.

Soak away a stressful day with this unique blend of high quality therapeutic minerals, infused with Rose Geranium and Palmarosa to calm the mind and soothe your soul.

These rejuvenating bath salts are lovingly and carefully hand made to target different areas of physical and emotional wellbeing. Features a unique mix of pink Himalayan salt, Dead Sea salt and Epsom salts, blended with pure essential oils and sprinkled with dried flowers to create the perfect calming bath time.

+ Organic

+ Vegan friendly

+ 100ml

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