Where did the name Teppi come from?

For so many of you, the name ‘Teppi’ is probably a bit of a mystery. For us it’s the word that perfectly sums up our trip to Iceland, as well as being very fitting to the character of our brand. 

‘Teppi’ is the Icelandic word for ‘blanket’, which happens to be a particular souvenir that we both determinedly brought back from our trip to Iceland, despite having to sacrifice many items from our suitcases in the process!

These gorgeous wool blankets are the very essence of Iceland, they encapsulate the ideals of simple folk living as well as holding the elements of comfort, cosiness, and a longing for home. 

These blankets are such a special reminder of happy memories in Iceland, and we’re so happy to have been able to represent this in our brand name - Teppi. 

We’re always using our blankets in our photographs, so keep your eyes open for the next time they crop up! 

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