Our Story

Hello and welcome to Teppi, we're so happy you've found us!

Founded by us, two friends Lydia + Ella, Teppi is a Scandinavian inspired lifestyle store, based in Staffordshire, UK.

The idea for Teppi was first planted after an inspiring trip to Iceland in 2017. We were left so in awe of the breathtaking landscapes, the minimalist design and the slow living lifestyle, that we knew somehow we had to bring a little piece of the Icelandic experience back home with us. Since then the idea has been growing and evolving until we finally decided to take the plunge and launch Teppi in 2020.

Here at Teppi you can expect to find a beautiful collection of sustainable homewares, handmade ceramics and ethically sourced gifts - designed to help you live slower, appreciate little moments and enjoy the simplicity of the Scandinavian lifestyle.
Lydia + Ella x