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Reykjavik Blanket | CHARCOAL

Reykjavik Blanket | CHARCOAL

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Embodying timeless Scandinavian aesthetic these beautifully soft, sustainable blankets are the perfect hygge essential for snuggling in, whether staying warm and cosy inside, or taking the chill off the soft summer sun as you enjoy an evening in the garden. 

Exquisitely comfortably and ridiculously snug, these homey throws look lovely draped over your bed, rolled into a basket or simply thrown over an armchair or sofa, instantly imbuing your space with a cool and calm aesthetic.

Made from: 100% dead stock yarn that would be otherwise destined for landfill.

What is Dead Stock Yarn?

Dead stock yarn is in no way inferior or defective in anyway, it is simply leftover offcuts not used within the manufacturing process. These surplus fabrics are most often left unused and sent to landfills, so in repurposing dead stock yarn we are able to breathe new and beautiful life into otherwise wasted fabric, thus creating a lower carbon footprint and a circular fashion eco-system.

Fabulous Benefits of Dead Stock Yarn

+ Less fabrics to landfill 

+ Lower carbon footprint

+ Uniquely distinctive

+ Incredibly lightweight and durable

+ Has the cosy softness of wool without feeling scratchy or irritable to the skin

Composition: 45% dead-stock acrylic 55% dead-stock polyester

Size: Approximately 130cm x 170cm

Wash Care: HAND WASHING MAX 30°C / 85ºF

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