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Show Love Shop Small

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It’s no secret that times are hard for all of us right now, we’re all feeling the strain and watching the pennies.
Small businesses especially are experiencing some of their darkest times and really beginning to question whether they will still be here the same time next year.
With only 6 months to go until Christmas, us small independents need your help now more than ever.
This Saturday 25th June Holly Tucker (Founder of Not on the Highstreet) is launching #campaignshopindependent, encouraging people to “vote with their money” and now is a great time to get involved!
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Small businesses are the backbone of our communities, doing all they can to inject a splash of colour and happiness into a world filled with such doom and gloom.
No one will work harder or value you more than a small business and it’s times like this that we need to show love, shop small and support our independents!

What you get from us as a small business

Quality & One of a kind
With slow living being a core value at Teppi, we strive to create and supply quality products that are made to last, and not be just another throw away item.
This means individually handmade items that are just bursting with charm, character and individuality. You can be sure you won’t see the same thing in a friends house - this is completely unique to you.
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Real connections
We’re not a bot behind a computer screen or 1 of 100 workers, we’re real individuals who care so much and will go above and beyond to ensure a wonderful shopping experience for you. And guess what.. we remember you!
I’m sure we’ve all been frustrated when the tiny cable we ordered from amazon arrives in a box big enough to home a baby whale. As a small business, sustainability plays a huge role in our core values. For us this means zero plastic packaging, instead using recyclable/reusable/compostable materials and a mindfully curated product range built on longevity & reusability.
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Thought & care
We put our heart and soul in to everything we do. From the handmade aspect of our ceramics, journals and floral designs to the beautiful way we package your parcels. All that we do is carried out with the upmost love and care - to ensure it’s a very happy day when that Teppi parcel arrives on your doorstep!

What you can do to support small…

Shop with us
We know it’s tricky at the moment and we understand that those in the moment purchases may be few and far between, but for those birthdays, congratulations, anniversaries and thinking of you’s, that you still need to find, please think of us - we really will do all we can to help.
Like, share, comment & save
We absolutely love to hear from you! Whether this is a like, a share, a comment or a save, just knowing that you’re there, cheering us on makes such a huge difference and will help us grow our online community!
If you don't follow us already, pop over to our socials give us a follow and say hi 👋🏻
Spread the love! Did you love what you bought? Amazing!! Please don’t keep it to yourself, tell anyone and everyone that you can.
The gold medal for small businesses, leaving a review is HUGE! Not only will it help give our first time customers an idea of what they can expect from us but it will help grow our online visibility and credibility. Not to mention being the cause of many outbursts of happy squealing and mad dancing - especially on my end.
If you've shopped with us in the past and would like to leave us a review, you can do so here. 

What your actions ensure

Shopping small is such a fantastic way to support your community and help it to thrive.
In a world filled with mass produced, single use items, shopping small will not only help support the planet, but will help a real person to put food on the table and make their dream possible - you could quite literally be the reason someone gets out of bed in the morning!
If only you could see how excited we get every time that magic notification sounds, you would honestly think we had just won the lottery! 
Thank you so much to all of you who have shopped with us in the past and continue to do so, your support means the absolute world to us and we're so incredibly grateful!
Instagram live with Holly Tucker
Did you see our instagram live with Holly Tucker?
We were lucky enough to be invited down to her wonderful cafe/shop, Holly & Co. Where we met with Holly herself and a number of other talented creatives to discuss the difficulties small business owners are currently facing.
It was a wonderfully inspiring day, filled with much support and positivity!
If you would like to watch it back you can catch up on it below. 
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