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Add a little pumpkin spice to your home!

The leaves are falling, the candles are lit and the pumpkins harvested.
Autumn is here, bringing pumpkin season with it, in all it's beautiful glory!
2 white pumpkins, one tied with a ceramic tag saying 'pumpkin season'

If you're like me, and always have some crazy, intricate idea of how you're going to carve your pumpkin, only to have it looking anything but fancy by the time you're finished - then this one’s for you. 

Painting pumpkins is a super easy way to spruce up your halloween decor with very minimal effort. 
As a lover of neutral colours, I decided to go for a black and white combination, to add a little Scandi twist.

Spray Painting

All you will need is:
- As many pumpkins as you dare
- Cans of spray paint in whichever colour you choose.
- Face mask (those fumes can be pretty strong) 
- Gloves (Save your hands from the paint)
- Old newspaper or bin bag (to spray your pumpkins on)
There’s no need hollow out your pumpkin, so you can get straight to the fun part, and avoid those nasty pumpkin guts!
Make sure you do this outside as the fumes from the spray can be quite strong.
Next, you want to lay down either some old news paper or a bin bag, unless you want a halloween themed garden too!

It’s best to wear gloves and a face mask at this point, as it can be quite a messy job. Especially if you regrettably decide to do it on a windy day like I did!
If you have a decent stalk on your pumpkin, then you can use this to rotate the pumpkin while you spray. This will make it much easier to spray the whole pumpkin in one go. 

Black painted pumpkin
However if not, then you can simply spray one side, let this dry, then come back and spray the other. 

White painted pumpkin
Leave them to dry overnight, or an hour between coats.
Once dry, you can arrange them however and wherever you like, or even add a little embellishment for that final, finishing touch. 


    painted pumpkins in black and white


    Our spooky tag range made a beautiful addition to our pumpkins this year. Making a really easy and simple way to jazz up your pumpkins, even without the spray paint!
    Add a sprig of eucalyptus and your all set! Consider your pumpkins well and truly jazzed!

    a close up of a pumpkin, with a ceramic tag saying 'trick' tied to it's stalk

    If you’re feeling extra creative and wanted to spruce up your pumpkins even further then you can also try the drilling method..


    All you will need is:
    - As many pumpkins as you dare
    - 1 drill, with various different sized drill bits
    After years of wobbly carving skills, the drilling method proved to be an absolute dream. The end result is truly beautiful and looks simply magical with a candle lit inside.
    Unfortunately you will have to empty the pumpkin guts for this one.. 
    Once gut free, I recommend penciling your design on to your pumpkin before you begin, as it's handy to have a guide to follow.
    Decide what size holes you want where, and let the drilling commence

    hand holding a drill to a carved pumpkin
    Take care when drilling, as it can be easy to slip if not enough pressure is applied.
    Once your design is all drilled out you can commit it to spray painting or simply pop a tea light inside and voila!


    Spray painting a pumpkin with white paint

    Not in the mood for mess?

    If you're not here for the mess of decorating pumpkins this year but still want to add some simple touches to your autumn decor?
    Head over to ‘Pudding & Pea’ for some beautifully handmade, fabric pumpkins. Each one is lovingly handcrafted and completely bursting with character.
    They’re so lovely you’ll want to keep them out all year long!
    a wooden stool, with 2 stacked books, a candle and a skatter of fabric pumpkins
    You could also check out ’Winning Works' for the cutest wire pumpkins you’ve ever seen. Available in black, copper and silver, they add instant charm to whatever room they’re in!
    An assortment of wire pumpkins in black, silver and copper
    Now, hopefully you’re all set for pumpkin season, have a spooktacular time!
    Happy decorating!
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