Spruce Up Your Home For The Easter Bunny!

Spruce Up Your Home For The Easter Bunny!

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After what seems like years of hiding away from the cold, dark nights, we’re finally shaking off our cloaks of hibernation, poking our heads from beneath our blankets and embracing the season of blue skies, crisp mornings, blooming flowers and the beauty of new beginnings.
We all start the new year with ideas of how we will make our year better, but I think it’s the season of Spring that really gives us the inspiration and hope we need to start afresh, pursue new dreams and affirm the truth that anything is possible if we have the courage to believe in it.
hot cross bun on a speckled ceramic plate with the words 'Hot Cross Buns' stamped into it

We’re continually inspired by the beauty that comes with each season, and have found this Spring to be a real incubator for some really egg-citing ideas! Easter is such a fun season to play around with and offers so many opportunities to be creative, so we wanted to share just a few of them with you!

Quail Eggs

Although not a decoration that you can eat, these natural eggs are a beautifully simple way of adding a touch of character and charm to your Easter decor. You could literally pop them anywhere and they would look completely lovely, but some of our favourite spots have been…

egg box of 12 quails eggs
Filled up to the brim of a favourite mug

This one took us by surprise but we instantly fell in love with the result. If like us, you’re a lover of mugs and have completely run out of space to store them, then why not bring out your favourite as a feature piece for your Easter decor (who said mugs were just for hot drinks?!).

Handmade mug with drippy white glaze, filled with quail eggs
Dotted in plant pots

A must addition to any spring pot or basket, particularly when combined with a bit of fresh moss! A super simple way to level up your plant pots, as well as making a really lovely DIY Easter gift.

Iron pot filled with spring bulbs, moss and yellow candles
Mantle Pieces

If you’re one to dress up your mantle piece, then quail eggs make a lovely addition dotted amongst whatever flowers or foliage you choose to use.

Mantle piece with a collection of plant pots, yellow candles and a Spring wreath

Beeswax candles

With the welcome return of our friends the bumble bees, these beeswax candles have been a lovely addition to our Spring time decor. These beeswax candles look lovely in so many different ways, and make a really special Easter centrepiece.

They’re giving us all the hygge Spring vibes with their warm, sunny glow and subtle scent of sweet honey.

2 yellow beeswax candles in an iron pot filled with Spring bulbs Ceramic Tags

By far our most versatile way of adding a little Easter charm, they just have so many uses!

My favourite use this year has been tied on to a Kilner jar filled with mini eggs, despite the number of mini eggs I’ve been forced to eat as a result…

As well as this they look lovely tied around napkins as place settings, tied onto Easter baskets, Easter wreaths, and if you’re one for an Easter tree they look great on there too! If you think of anymore feel free to let us know!

brown paper bag holding yellow bouquet, with a spring tag tied around the handles   egg wrapped with a napkin to look like a bunny

Dried Flower Wreaths

A lovely way to welcome sunny Spring days into your home! Looking exquisite on interior doors or as a stand out feature on a mantle piece, dried flower wreaths will make a truly cheerful addition to your Spring decor.

hand holding wooden wreath, adorned with yellow dried flowers

Egg Plates

With the mouthwatering promise of Easter treats in abundance, our Easter egg plates are sure to inspire the star baker in you! Whether it’s a slice of cake fit for the Easter bunny or a little mini egg snack, our speckled egg plates are the perfect vessel for the seasons most delicious offerings!

egg shaped plate holding a piece of chocolate cake  small and large speckled egg shaped plates

If you’ve managed to bag one of our speckled eggs, then take a peek at our last blog post to join in the creative fun of our upcoming Easter competition!

We hope this gives you a little inspiration for your Easter home decor, we’d love to see what you come up, so feel free to tag us in your creations @teppi.living

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