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Confetti | Cosy Mug

Confetti | Cosy Mug

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Individually handmade, this stoneware confetti mug is just brimming with a unique character and rustic charm! Its chunky shape is where warmth and joy come together to create a cosy sanctuary in your hands.

Not only is this mug a joy to use, but it also brings a touch of charm to your everyday surroundings. It's stunning confetti design creates a whimsical and lively atmosphere, transforming your kitchen or workspace into a cosy haven. Display it proudly on your shelf or desk, and let its cheerful presence uplift your spirits every time you reach for it.


9cm x 9cm tall


+ Microwave safe

+ Made using dinnerwares safe glazes

+ We recommend hand washing your Teppi ceramics to keep them looking their best 

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