a corked glass jar laid on a pile of white salt crystals
a corked glass jar holding white salt crystals

Bath Salts | Lavender + Bergamot

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WILD RIDE | Lavender + Bergamot

Has it been A DAY? We feel you. So here’s our advice; take a load off, grab a bottle of cheap-but-not-too-cheap wine, get naked and GET SALTY.

These chilled-out lavender and bergamot bath salts are specially blended to help you relax, rewind and de-stress.


Aching after a serious yoga sesh? Or just in need of a little me time? From detoxifying and hydrating to reducing stress and anxiety, bath salts pack a powerful punch.

We recommend a full handful of salts for a relaxing bath, or two handfuls if you’ve got some aches to fix.

When you’re nearly ready to slip into your bath, swirl your salts into the water and leave for a moment to dissolve (because no one wants a salty bum).

Now drop those clothes and get ready for the soak of your life!

 Capacity: 432g