The simple guide to beautiful gift wrapping!

We all love giving presents, but what we don’t love is the gift wrapping that comes with them.

I’m sure there’s many of you who dread the tedious task of wrapping and will more than likely opt for a pretty gift bag instead - but where’s the fun in that?!

Beautifully wrapped gifts are such a joy to both give and receive, and a great way to show your loved one how truly special they are. It definitely makes the unwrapping process a lot more exciting!

To help you master the art of gift wrapping, we’ve compiled a list of some must know tips and tricks, to get you wrapping your presents so beautifully that people won't want to open them!

What do you need?

"The first thing to avoid is using too much paper"

This is probably one of the biggest mistakes people tend to make when gift wrapping. Quite often people will take the approach of the more paper the better, but I can definitely say that less is more when it comes to gift wrapping. Not only is using less paper more resourceful, but it also makes folding your paper a lot easier, enabling you to get nice crisp edges for a perfectly neat finish.

Tip One

Making sure you have the right length of paper.

Roll out your paper and place the item you are wrapping along the bottom of the paper. Then roll the item on to each side, to ensure it fits on this length of paper. If it doesn’t, you may have to cut it in the other direction.

Tip Two

Deciding on the correct width

To decide on the width of your paper, you should have just enough to meet the middle of your parcel. Anymore than this and it will make folding the sides in very difficult.

Tip Three

Cut off excess paper

If the length of your paper is too long then simply cut off the excess (always keep your off cuts, you may be able to use these to wrap smaller item later), leaving around 3cm spare on the end.

Tip Four

Folding the edge

If you have an untidy edge where you have cut the paper, I often choose to fold it over in order to create a nice crisp edge.

Tip Five

Standing it on its base

When folding in your sides, it’s often easier to fold one side in first without taping, then tipping it up the other way, fold in the other side and tape before returning to tape the first side. This stops the paper from coming loose and ensures you keep nice clean folds on each side.

Wrapping Circular items

Wrapping anything circular can seem extremely daunting, I’m sure this is often the point where we resort to a gift bag. However by using the ‘pleating technique’ it’s a lot easier than you think.

Tip Six


Using the right amount of paper is essential for pleating, so follow the same methods outlined in tips one, two and three in order to achieve this.

Pleating is achieved by first pushing the paper down at the fold line then slowly rotating the item, pulling the paper in to the middle at intervals as you go.

Tip Seven

Measuring the correct length of ribbon

Measure a length of ribbon diagonally from corner to corner 4 times. This will give you enough ribbon to tie around the box and curl the excess.

And there you have it!

Thank you so much for taking the time to read our post, we hope you found these little tips useful!

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