Hygge your evening with 5 simple steps...

In a world that seems to get busier every day, taking time for yourself to relax and unwind is so important.

Hygge is inspired by the minimal Scandinavian lifestyle and is the Danish concept of creating cosiness and happiness, through the simple things in life.

Below are our top 5 tips to Hygge your evening

What you will need:

Make your home cosy

I cant relax if my space is messy! Take 5 minutes to put away anything you don't need. Grab a blanket and get ready to cosy up!

Get your PJ’s on!

Comfy clothes and fluffy socks are essential! Put on whatever makes you feel relaxed.

Light a candle

Choose a scent you find relaxing, lavender essential oils are known for their stress relieving properties.

Vegan bunny and Tiger & co both do beautiful candles made from soy wax, using essential oils!

Little pleasures

Pour yourself a mug of something warm and grab a treat. I always go for a cup of tea and something chocolatey!

Time to relax!

Enjoy the tranquil moment you’ve created, let your mind de-stress and allow the warm glow of a candle help to sooth our soul.

We hope these tips help you achieve Hygge and find a moment of calm in your day.

Lydia & Ella


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