• Lydia

Experience the art of FIKA

You all know just how much we love anything Scandinavian. The practice of Hygge in particular has for so long been our survival guide; especially throughout these long winter months. Now, with Spring on the horizon, we’re slowly starting to poke our heads from beneath our blankets and cautiously de-layer; opening our eyes to brighter days ahead.

With that in mind, we’re introducing to you the Swedish tradition of FIKA!

For those of you who don’t know, Fika is the simple, Swedish pastime of coffee + cake + friends.

It’s the enjoyment of companionship found amongst friends; whilst allowing yourself a time-out to appreciate a slow moment. Throw in a cup of hot coffee and some delicious baked treats and you’re all set.

Although we may not be able to Fika with friends in the physical sense, FaceTime works just as well. With each day blending into the next, finding these little moments of joy in the ordinary is so important and a great way to stay connected with friends.

How to Fika... The Teppi way

Our must have checklist for the perfect Fika moment!

1. Delicious Scandi Treats!


Fika & Hygge

This wonderful little book, by Bronte Aurell is the secret weapon to Scandinavian baking!

Filled with pages and pages of delicious treats, just flicking through will make your mouth water and have you grabbing for your favourite blanket, ready to create that perfect cosy moment.

With so many varieties of scrumptious treats it's hard to choose just one. I have by no means made my way through the entire book just yet, but from what I have baked my favourites have to be the Gingerbread biscuits and the Pepper nuts, or Pebernodder's as they say in Danish!

2. Steaming cup of coffee!

Lars & Margo

We've been searching for an independent coffee roaster for quite some time, so we were thrilled when we stumbled across this wonderful small batch coffee company, based in Cornwall.

For us, sustainability is such an important factor and one that we are actively aware of throughout the entirety of our business, so it's great to find other businesses with values so in line with our own.

Although fully recyclable coffee packaging is still a conundrum, Lars & Margo are a company very conscious of the importance of sustainability, and therefore take active

measures to minimise their carbon footprint, by transporting all their coffee by sea. As well as their contribution to reducing carbon emissions, the wellbeing and livelihood of their farmers is of great importance. Their coffee is ethically sourced and bought direct from the farmers themselves, ensuring that they receive a fair and equal pay for the coffee they produce - which is exactly why we love them!

As well as their wonderful ethics, their coffee is truly amazing! It took us so long to choose from the wide variety of grinds they have and by being in no way 'coffee experts', we decided to go with the coffee which 'notes' we best liked the sound of.

These were:

Both of these were absolutely divine, and you could certainly taste all the flavour notes within these blends! The beautifully rich flavour and smell really added to the coffee shop ambiance we were trying to create! Needless to say, there is very little coffee left and another order will have to be placed soon!

3. Good conversation!

We all know just how repetitive and isolating it can feel when you're working from home each day with little else to do. We've found that by taking a little time out of our day to enjoy something as simple as coffee and good conversation, has really helped to lift our spirits and give us that little boost of positivity that we all need right now!

It has also been during these catchups where we seem to come up with the best ideas for Teppi, so it's great to come away feeling so much more inspired and motivated to achieve our daily goals!

4. Set the mood

We're all longing for the days where we can catch up with friends in the cosy comfort of our favourite coffee bar, but while we wait we can have just as much fun creating a coffee shop experience in our very own homes.

In some ways this may be even better as you can be as creative as you like, decorating your entire surroundings with all the things you most love! Whether this means having your favourite chill out playlist on in the background, burning your most loved candle or maybe even donning your comfiest pair of pyjamas and cosy socks, there are no rules here!

We hope you enjoy creating your own Fika experience!

Sending lots of positivity your way,