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Stationary is a bit of an obsession of mine. Pens, planners, cute little notebooks, I have a million of them. I especially love finding notebooks that have a purpose, such as a dream diary or a jotter for all the songs you love. However these were notebooks that I was never easily able to come by, which got me thinking about making my own. This way the notebook could have whatever purpose I wanted it to have, and there were plenty of ideas I could think of.

If you’re after your own idea for a notebook theme then here's a few suggestions:

  • Quote journal

  • Bucket list journal

  • Language journal

  • Mindful journal

  • Movie journal

  • Music journal

Before starting this post, I had absolutely no idea on how to make a notebook. So after scrolling through endless pins on Pinterest for inspirational DIY ideas, I ordered all the equipment I would need and decided to give it a go.

Here is all the equipment you will need:

1 Notebook cover

10 Notebook pages

1 Protective board

1 Arms length of waxed thread

1 Needle

1 Pencil

2 Bull dog clips

1 Pair of scissors

1 Ruler

1 Awl

I decided the theme of my notebook was going to be a Gratitude Journal.

Gratitude is so important, especially in this day and age and is definitely something we should all try to practice everyday. For some this can often be a struggle; especially for those who find themselves in a negative state of mind.

Acknowledging the things we’re grateful for is a fantastic way to encourage a positive mindset, and boost our overall happiness.

Sometimes we just need a small incentive to sit down for 5 minutes with a cup of tea and really appreciate the things we have to be grateful for; no matter how big or small as they all add value to our lives.

So before making my Gratitude journal, I decided I wanted to include a few questions on each page that I could ask myself each day.

What are you grateful for today?

Who or what made you smile today?

What do you love most about yourself?

What do you love about your life?

What are you excited for about tomorrow?

By taking a moment to sit down and really think about my answers, I was able to recognise all the good things that have happened to make my day better, as well as acknowledging those things that continue to bring me joy on a daily basis.

With these things in mind, I designed my cover and pages on Photoshop (you can do this on Microsoft word too) and printed them out on recycled card and paper.

This is the exciting bit where you can really use your imagination and be as creative a you like.

I wanted to keep mine quite simple, so I stuck to an altogether minimal design.

Once you’ve chosen your theme and printed off your pages and cover you’re ready to start constructing your notebook!


Align your pages and cover, with the front of the cover at the back, facing outwards.


Using your two bull dog clips, clamp on either side of the notebook to hold the pages and cover together.


Place the note book on the table with the cover facing upwards.

Find the middle and draw a line down the centre.

Once you have done this, mark points down the line at 1cm intervals


Using the Awl, push a hole through each point on the line.


Using your needle and an arms length of waxed thread, sew a running stitch through the holes you've just created. Make sure you start from the inner pages of the notebook, so that the knot will be on the inside.


Once you reach the end do the same on the other side, and tie a knot with your loose ends (on the inside of your notebook), snipping off any spare thread.


Once you have secured your stitch you can then remove your bulldog clips.


Push your inner pages together so that they meet, and do the same with your cover. Press down the fold to align the pages.


Fold back the right way and press down the spine to help push all the pages together.


And you're done!

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Music credits: Nick Mulvy - Meet me there

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