A little Rainbow for your window...

Week 4 of lockdown.. what a journey we have been on together.

We now live in a world where we only get dressed up to put the bins out,

Where a zoom quiz every other night is completely acceptable,

Where we actually get to know our neighbours,

and where rainbows became a beautiful symbol of hope.

We love seeing all the rainbows hanging in people’s windows, it’s such an uplifting and hopeful reminder that we are all in this together .

With all this spare time on our hands, we have been making our own little rainbows and wanted to share with you all an easy peasy guide to making your own.

These are really fun and simple to make, all you need is:

2 metres rope, more if you want to make a bigger rainbow

5 different coloured wools

2 metres of wire





Step One

Lay out the rope on the table, folding the it back and forth, until you've got 5 rows.

These should be gradually smaller as you work from top to bottom.

Step Two

Cut the rope at each bend, so you have 5 lengths of rope getting gradually smaller from top to bottom. Next bend the lengths of rope together to create the shape of your rainbow. At this stage you will be able to trim your lengths down if necessary. Once you have done this, make sure you tape each end to stop the rope from unraveling.

Step Three

Measure out a length of wire for each rope, so that it sits in-between the sellotaped ends.

Step Four

Align the wire just above the sellotape and wrap the wool around the length of rope, concealing the wire as you go. Once you reach the sellotaped end on the other side, cut the end of the wool and tie securely.

Step Five

Repeat step Four on the remaining lengths of rope, using a different colour wool for each.

Step Six

Taking the largest arch, cut a length of wool and loop it around the middle.

Step Seven

Starting with the two smallest arches, sew them together from the top of the sellotape on one side to the top of the sellotape on the other side.

Step Seven

Repeat step six until all the arches have been sewn together.

Step Eight

Remove the sellotape from each end and unravel the rope to give you nice wavy ends.

Step Nine

Admire your handiwork and hang your lovely rainbow in your window!

Thank you so much for taking the time to read our post, we hope you found it helpful and enjoy it as much as we did! If you do try this out we'd love to see your work, tag us on instagram @teppi.living and follow us to see more of what we do!

Lydia & Ella

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