3 Easy Eco Swaps!

At Teppi we are taking steps to reduce our single use plastic, and continue our journey into eco friendly living. Making small changes to your everyday life can have a big impact on the planet! It can be overwhelming knowing where to start with so many eco friendly alternatives out there, so here are three simple swaps you can do today! Lets all make the world a bit greener!

1) Cotton buds

Something we use often and you won't notice the difference! Swapping to bamboo sticks means they are 100% bodegradable! No more plastics sticks in the sea. Simply dispose of them in your bin or compost!

We got these Hydrophil cotton swabs from &Keep

2) Face rounds

The perfect alternative to single use cotton pads, these cotton face rounds can be popped in the washing machine and use again and again!

They'll save you money in the long run and come in so many cute colours and patterns!

We got these from a local zero waste shop

3) Pot brush

Swap your scourers and plastic brushes for something that lasts! We are big fans of Redecker brushes, they look lovely in your kitchen but more importantly they are 100% plastic free, have plant based bristles and FSC certified (wood from responsibly managed forests).

No more plastic scourers or plastic bristles floating in our oceans forever!

We bought ours from &Keep

Ceramic brush dish from Teppi

We hope you found these tips useful! Let us know what eco friendly swaps you have made recently and follow us on @Teppi.living to see more of what we do!

Lydia & Ella

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