Hello there! I'm Ella! 

 After our trip to Iceland I was so inspired by the slow living lifestyle. My favourite kind of day is slow, cosied up with candles on and a fire lit- Hygge style

Teppi is a way to share my passion for all things Scandi, creative and eco-friendly. I am also the designer and maker of lots of the ceramics you'll find here at Teppi- all inspired by the Icelandic landscape.


When I'm not making you'll find me outside or exploring somewhere new! 

Hello! I’m Lydia, lover of long baths, lit candles and all things cosy. I live in Staffordshire with my partner James and our 2 fur babies, Simba + Nala.


Since our trip to Iceland in 2017 I’ve been exploring the slow living lifestyle and the simplicities of Scandinavia culture. (Which to my great joy has included baking copious amounts of Scandinavian treats)


I’m a huge believer of less is more and love the art of simplicity. I’m also the maker behind the Teppi journal range - a collection that encourages gratitude, appreciation and self love. 


Teppi is inspired by the simplicity, adventure and sustainable living that we experienced in Iceland. It’s a collation of all the things we both love and a way to bring the slow living lifestyle in to your homes as well as ours. 


Teppi has given me the joy of doing something I love everyday, for which I am so grateful. We’re excited to see where this will take us and we hope you can join us along the way!



On returning home, we had become completely captivated by this beautiful country. From it’s breathtaking landscapes to the slow living aspect of everyday life, we just knew that somehow we had to bring a little piece of the Icelandic experience back home with us.


Teppi is a collation and celebration of the Scandinavian lifestyle, of all the things we loved there, and the memories we made. It's a way of bringing the slow living lifestyle into your homes as well as ours, and learning to appreciate the little moments of joy in everyday. 


Everything we do is carefully thought out to be as eco conscious as possible, as well as supporting other small businesses throughout our product range. It brings us so much joy to do what we love everyday and we’re so grateful to everyone who continues to support our vision!

In 2017 we went on an incredible road trip around Iceland. Walking, climbing and generally exploring fulfilled each day, whilst our nights were spent in a remote lodge nestled deep amongst the most beautiful mountains, an hours drive from the nearest shop. 


Being so isolated from civilisation, really brought us back to Earth, and gave us a huge sense of calm at the simple reality that we were alone and so far removed from society.

We revelled in the hourly power cuts, which just added to the excitement of the day to day living, deep in this extraordinary, Scandi wilderness.

This unique experience helped change our perspective and inspired us to pursue a slower lifestyle in our everyday lives. 



These gorgeous wool blankets are the very essence of Iceland, they encapsulate the ideals of simple folk living as well as holding the elements of comfort, cosiness, and a longing for home. 


These blankets are such a special reminder of happy memories in Iceland, and we’re so happy to have been able to represent this in our brand name - Teppi. 


We’re always using our blankets in our photographs, so keep your eyes open for the next time they crop up! 

Where did 'Teppi' come from?

For so many of you, the name ‘Teppi’ is probably a bit of a mystery. For us it’s the word that perfectly sums up our trip to Iceland, as well as being very fitting to the character of our brand. 


‘Teppi’ is the Icelandic word for ‘blanket’, which happens to be a particular souvenir that we both determinedly brought back, despite having to sacrifice many items in the process!